Life StyleSINGULART, Transforming and Democratizing the Art Market

SINGULART, Transforming and Democratizing the Art Market


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(credit: SINGULART)

Since 2017, SINGULART has propelled the artistic community by moving the world with creativity. Founders Véra Kempf, Denis Fayolle and Brice Lecompte have provided an online platform to empower artists (and art aficionados) and provide them with a worldwide presence which has now expanded to 165 countries. By breaking down boundaries and democratizing the art market, they have challenged the status quo and pushed for greater inclusivity.

Two years after their launch, they became the first online art gallery to exhibit at a physical art fair. Since then, many of the pieces that debuted on their platform have been featured in some of the most prestigious art exhibitions including SCOPE New York & AQUA Miami. Their success has provided them the means to raise €60 million in 2021 in their series B, the largest in the culture sector worldwide.

(credit: SINGULART)

“We saw an opportunity in the art market because many artists are not digitally established and traditional players are rather reluctant in that respect,” said Vera Kempf, co-founder of SINGULART. “The art market is highly fragmented and our digital solution created the possibility of providing global visibility for artists that they might not have with traditional galleries.”

Along with their site which provides a platform to discover artists and artworks, they have grown their offering to include SINGULART Magazine and a ‘Live’ section on the site. The magazine provides insight to the lives of the artists through in-depth interviews, while the ‘Live’ section is a space to find the latest happenings and browse special sales and auctions in real time.

(credit: SINGULART)

With over 2 million visitors per month along with over 97,000 Newsletter subscribers, SINGULART’s model is proven to be a success. It is providing access to people all around the world to art that they’d previously not have the means to see. They have a social media reach of over 9 million, which is also key for their success in attracting those not typically in the artistic community to view art of this quality. Their success on all platforms has led recently to over 1,700 artworks sold each month. 

“With over 10,000 artists in our community and over 9,000 engaged art and design collectors, we are the largest community bringing together artists and art and design lovers,” said Lecompte. “We stand true to our principles for a more inclusive art world and we are proud that our vision of a unified artistic community is available to all.”

(credit: SINGULART)

Through empowering artists and designers with the platform to express their creativity, they are further democratizing the community, breaking down barriers of entry. They are proud to boast that 49% of artists on the platform are female, a much higher percentage than the typical art community. 

Amongst the many mediums (sculpture, photography, etc.) displayed on the site, they have a curated section dedicated to painting. Spanning fine art, landscape paintings and more, all the paintings on the site are original artworks (they are not reproduced and further editions are not published by the artist) and buyers can even contact their advisory team to request a custom artwork.

Most recently, the company launched a new platform called Balthasar, an online gallery dedicated to up-and-coming artists as well as young art collectors.


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