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NASA Says No Proof Aliens Exist But Says “No Reason To Conclude”


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NASA Says No Proof Aliens Exist But Says 'No Reason To Conclude'

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American space agency NASA gave a platform to an independent committee looking into the reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), in which the researchers said that they did not find any proof that aliens were responsible for the phenomenon. However, the agency also said that it cannot rule out that possibility. The 36-page report presented on Thursday offers no conclusive evidence about aliens but outlines how NASA will investigate the phenomenon (called UAPs or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) with improved technology and artificial intelligence.

Do aliens exist?

The report observes that “there is no reason to conclude that existing UAP reports have an extraterrestrial source”. However, the last page of the report adds that it is possible that the objects could have travelled through our solar system to get here. “If we recognise the plausibility of any of these, then we should recognise that all are at least plausible,” the report said not denying the possibility of “potential unknown alien technology operating in Earth’s atmosphere”.

What about previous UFO sightings?

The inquiry concluded that many sightings have been explained by planes, drones, balloons or meteorological circumstances in the past. A January report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in the US revealed that most of the 510 UFO sightings were decidedly not aliens, “however scores of other strange sightings still have no official explanation”. It said that UAP still poses a threat even if they are not extraterrestrial advanced technology.

The report added that in order to reach a “definitive, scientific conclusion” about the origin of UFOs, NASA lacks sufficient high-quality evidence. However, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson still believes that there is life beyond Earth. “If you ask me, do I believe there’s life in a universe that is so vast that it’s hard for me to comprehend how big it is? My personal answer is yes. It would have to be a very advanced civilization (but) the distances is light years, hundreds of lights, billions of light years away.”

Limited Data

The study asserted that given the data limitations, the sightings of UFO’s “cannot be immediately identified as known human-made or natural phenomena.” Dr Nicola Fox, NASA’s Associate Administrator said that the agency “needs to find a rocky planet around a hospitable star that isn’t too violent, that is in just that right place that has signatures of water and signatures of carbon. So, the building blocks of life, and we continue to strive to do that.”

“The limitation on this data is that at any given time most of the Earth’s surface is not covered by commercial satellites at high resolution – for a particular UAP event, we will need to be fortunate to obtain high-resolution observations from space,” she said.

Appointment Of UFO Research Director

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said that a new director for UAP research will be appointed by the organisation. However, the new executive’s identity has not yet been made public since they have been receiving online threats regarding their work. According to Dr Fox,  the new director will serve as a focal point for bringing together communications, resources and data analytic skills in the US government’s efforts to recognise and understand UAP.


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