Global NewsItaly PM's Partner Faces Backlash For Rape Comments

Italy PM’s Partner Faces Backlash For Rape Comments


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''Avoid Getting Drunk...'': Italy PM's Partner Faces Backlash For Rape Comments

His opinion has now sparked political outrage in Italy

The partner of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has sparked outrage with his controversial comments on rape. While commenting on the gang-rape of a young woman, TV presenter Andrea Giambruno, said women could avoid sexual assaults if they ”do not get too drunk”, the Guardian reported. 

”If you go dancing you are fully entitled to get drunk … but if you avoid getting drunk and losing consciousness, perhaps you’d also avoid getting into trouble because then you’ll find the wolf,” Andrea Giambruno said on his show on channel Rete 4 while discussing recent gang-rapes in the country. 

During the show, he also agreed with the editor of the rightwing Libero newspaper, Pietro Senaldi, who said, “If you want to avoid rape, above all don’t lose consciousness, keep your wits about you.”

His opinion has now sparked political outrage in Italy, as well as a row on social media. 

”They just can’t help but blame women. Don’t go out alone, don’t go where it’s dark, don’t dress provocatively. All this is no longer acceptable,” said Cecilia D’Elia, a senator with the opposition Partito Democratico.

“If a girl drinks too much, she can expect a headache, not a rape,” she added.

The opposition Five Star Movement party (M5S) said in a statement that “Giambruno’s words are unacceptable and shameful” and “they represent a male-dominated and retrograde culture”.

However, Mr Giambruno denied victim blaming and said his comments had been taken out of context, reported BBC. “I never said men are free to rape women who are drunk,” he explained, adding that he had prefaced his remarks by stressing that it was an “abominable act carried out by beasts”.

“If I had said something wrong, I would have apologised, but that’s not the case and there will never be a day when a politician tells me what to say.

“I said rape is an abominable act. I took the liberty of telling young people not to go out on purpose to get drunk and do drugs. I advised them to be careful because, unfortunately, the bad guys are always out there. I never said that men are entitled to rape drunk women.”

Mr Giambruno has a seven-year-old daughter with Prime Minister Meloni. Meanwhile, the PM has not yet commented on the recent rapes or her partner’s statements. 


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