Global NewsChinese Woman Earns $4,200 As Mahjong Anchor On Live-Streaming...

Chinese Woman Earns $4,200 As Mahjong Anchor On Live-Streaming Platform


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Chinese Woman Earns $4,200 As Mahjong Anchor On Live-Streaming Platform

Mahjong has been popular in China for centuries.

In China, a 48-year-old woman has captured the attention and admiration of mainland social media by securing an unusual job – of a live-stream host for mahjong, a traditional tile-based game. She is earning 30,000 yuan (US$4,200 or Rs 3.43 lakh) per month through her unique profession, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP). Mahjong involves four players, each initially possessing 13 tiles. They take turns drawing and discarding tiles in order to form four melds, or sets, and a pair called an “eye”. This game holds deep-rooted popularity in China, particularly in the southwestern province of Sichuan, where the saying “Everybody can play mahjong” prevails.

The woman, identified by her surname Wang, is from Sichuan and used to work as an office clerk. Intrigued by a job advertisement seeking a mahjong live-stream host, she decided to apply on a whim, believing she fit the profile. “This result is beyond my expectation. I feel happy about that,” Wang is quoted as saying by the outlet.

Although the hiring company remained unnamed in the report, the ad indicated that prior experience or specific educational qualifications were not required. However, applicants were expected to be skilled in mahjong, with preference for those possessing a formal mahjong certificate.

The job posting stated that the host need not concern themselves with on-camera appearance during the live-streams, but their hands would be visible to the audience while playing. Female applicants were encouraged to have “beautiful hands” with well-maintained nails.

In addition to mahjong prowess, the host was required to possess an appealing voice, singing ability, and strong conversational skills to effectively engage with online users and drive web traffic.

Each live-streaming session involved the host and three internet users participating in non-gambling mahjong, as gambling is prohibited in the country.

“I realised that my qualifications aligned with the job criteria, and coincidentally, I held a mahjong certificate,” Ms Wang shared. “Both my discussion with the HR manager and the company boss went seamlessly, leading to a job offer just two days later.”

Ms Wang’s newfound profession garnered widespread interest on Chinese social media platform. “My father could easily excel in this role; he’s been playing mahjong for over 40 years,” one user commented, as per the SCMP report. “I’ve already sent this news to my mother, hoping she can earn some income from this novel occupation,” said another.

Adding a touch of envy, a third user commented, “I admire those who can monetise their passions.”


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