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Celine Dion Health: Celine Dion’s Health Update From Her Sister: Lost Control Of Muscles


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'Lost Control Of Muscles': Celine Dion's Health Update From Her Sister

Celine Dion has been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome.

Canadian singer Celine Dion, known for powerful vocals and emotional performances, is facing a significant health challenge – Stiff Person Syndrome, a rare neurological condition. The 55-year-old, celebrated for the iconic song My Heart Will Go On, is experiencing the effects of the condition, with her sister Claudette Dion revealing that she has now “lost control of her muscles.”

“What breaks my heart is that she’s always been disciplined,” Claudette told Canadian news show 7 Jours. “She’s always worked hard. Our mother always told her, ‘You’re going to do it well. You’re going to do it properly.’” 

Claudette emphasized Celine’s desire to perform again, saying. “It’s true that in both our dreams and hers, the goal is to return to the stage.” “In what capacity? I don’t know,” she added.

Claudette shared that Celine’s condition is rare, affecting only about one in a million people. “Some people have lost hope because it’s all illness that isn’t well known,” she said. The cause is unclear, but it’s believed to be related to the immune system. Due to limited research, finding solutions for Celine’s symptoms, like muscle stiffness and spasms, has been challenging. 

While dealing with the condition Celine has kept a low profile but she continues to receive support from fans through her family charity – Foundation Maman Dion. Claudette said, “If only you knew the number of phone calls the Foundation gets about Celine! People tell us they love her, and they’re praying for her. She gets so many messages, presents and blessed crucifixes.”

The latest update on Celine Dion’s health comes more than a year after she first shared the news of her condition with fans. In December 2022, the singer emotionally revealed her health struggles in a video, where she also announced the cancellation of the European leg of her tour scheduled for February 2023. Celine disclosed that she had been grappling with health issues long before being diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome. The spasms caused by the condition significantly impact her daily life, leading to walking difficulties and affecting her ability to use her vocal cords properly.

In the heartfelt video, Celine Dion shared the challenges she faced, acknowledging the struggle and emphasizing her lifelong commitment to singing. Despite the difficulties, Celine conveyed her determination and hope for recovery, adding that she is doing everything possible to regain her health.


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