Global NewsBosnian Bodybuilder Live-Streams Brutal Murder Of His Ex-Wife On...

Bosnian Bodybuilder Live-Streams Brutal Murder Of His Ex-Wife On Instagram


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Bosnian Bodybuilder Live-Streams Brutal Murder Of His Ex-Wife On Instagram

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In a distressing incident, a Bosnian bodybuilder took the life of his ex-wife while broadcasting the horrofic incident live on Instagram. Following this gruesome murder, he proceeded to claim the lives of two more people while managing to elude law enforcement, ultimately choosing to end his own life on Friday.

The 35-year-old Nermin Sulejmanovic filmed at least three videos documenting the violent spree in the northeastern town of Gradacac.

The unsettling sequence of events began on a Friday morning when Sulejmanovic shared a video on his Instagram account, forewarning his followers that they were about to witness a live execution.

Subsequently, he moved the camera towards his ex-wife, whose face was damaged by injuries and appeared bloodied and disfigured, as reported by the local news outlet Telegraf.

“Hey guys, you’re going to see something you’ve never seen before – a live murder. It’s a massacre,” Sulejmanovic sai while holding a gun in his hand.

As he was addressing his viewers in the chilling clip, a child could be heard crying in the background.

Although the Instagram post has been removed from the internet, officials later revealed that approximately 12,000 individuals had watched the live broadcast of the slaying.

According to The Telegraf, After killing his ex-wife, he turned the camera towards the crying baby and said, “Someone come and save the child. Moving on.”

Subsequently, he approached a car but quickly retraced his steps to the house, presumably due to having forgotten something. Afterward, he once again headed towards the car, got inside, and departed. The video concluded shortly thereafter.

According to Bosnian media reports, Sulejmanovic had a background as a bodybuilder and fitness coach. He had previously faced arrests related to charges of drug smuggling and assaulting a police officer.

Law enforcement authorities stated that social media users who had written supportive messages while engaging with the man’s Instagram posts on Friday would be subjected to questioning and could potentially face legal repercussions.

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