Winter Fashion Tips for Men

Winter Fashion for men

Men Winter Style Update

Men Winter Styling Tips

What comes to your mind when you think of Fashion for Men? Formal shirt and pants or T-shirt and jeans? Yes, that’s what most of the men usually prefer to opt, no-brainer, easy and safe. But we can explore a lot more to style up for men, especially for winter. You don’t need to go anywhere because I’m going to help you out with that. So, are you all set to look hip and stylish this winter? If you are ready then let’s roll! Winter Fashion for men

Never Doubt a Jacket

A jacket is a must-have for winter and there are so many varieties that you can get creative with your looks. For a tough or a baddy look, a biker leather jacket is the choice. If you want to play along with the trend, go for puffer jackets or want to keep it simple yet stylish, then it’s the bomber jacket. Blazers are always the right choice for formal wear but you can also rock it with a pair of jeans for a relaxed mode. Spice up with checkered blazers which are in vogue too. You can’t miss denim jackets, varsity jackets or hoodies for an easy-going casual day. Winter Fashion for men


Sweaters & Cardigans Can Be Tricky

Winter Fashion for men

The tricky part of wearing sweaters and cardigans is that you might end up looking like a grandpa if you don’t know how to style it up and carry off. The good part is its versatility wherein you can wear it both for office look as well as for a relaxed, casual day. Whatever be the occasion, you should know which type & where to wear or what to pair up with. For a formal and official look, always choose a body fitted one, be it a button-up cardigan or v-neck/crew-neck pullover. Even a fitted sleeveless/half sweater can be worn under a blazer as office wear. Don a casual look with loose fitted ones. On holiday parties and weekend fun times, wear ski sweaters or fair isle sweaters. If mainstream fashion is boring for you, just throw over a shawl-neck long line cardigan for that street style vibe.


Tracksuits & Joggers for Sporty Look

Track jackets are apt for a sporty look. You can either wear a matching track pant that comes as a set or mix-match it with other bottom wears like jogger pants and even jeans. Jogger pants are favourites among men in winter. You can even dare to pair a jogger pant with a blazer.  Winter Fashion for men

Winter Footwear and Accessories

Chelsea boots are totally in and these ankle-length boots go with most of the outfits be it for office or weekend nights. Go for brown or burgundy boots with suit and suede ones with tight fitted jeans. Lace-up Timberland boots look tough and stylish and can be worn for adventurous activities. The most comfortable pair is always the sport shoes. Take them for running, roaming, wherever you wish, sport shoes will never disappoint you. 

For winter accessories, a beanie cap is a must-have but if you want to look more stylish then get a fedora, bowler or newsboy hat. Add a muffler or a scarf to stay warm in style. 

Winter Fashion for men

The Beard Swag

If you are blessed with abundant facial hair, pull off the full beard style. It gives you a cozy vibe along with the swag. But it needs to be well-taken care of, from cleaning to trimming. Groom it well with beard grooming products.

Try all these tips and you won’t regret even once. The good news is, the discounts on the gift vouchers are applicable to most of the ongoing sales of different brands. Go on brace the winter with style!

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