A simple way to bake a cake: For beginners


The easiest way to bake a cake is with biscuits. Take any plain biscuits or flavoured ones if you like. The other ingredients you will need are baking soda, vegetable oil, milk. You can also add any kind of fruits and nuts you like. Try with banana and walnuts. Now that we have our ingredients lets begin the procedure.


Grind the biscuits finely (two cups amount). Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix well. To this, put two tablespoons of vegetable oil and half a cup of milk. Add you your favourite fruits or nuts(optional). Mix well until the consistency is not too thick or runny. Oil the base of your container, layer it with parchment paper and pour your mixture. Bake it at 180C for about 45-50mins and voila you cake is done. You can even try the ones without using an oven


It’s super-duper easy, right? Try it and do comment down below if you have tried. I will write up more on easy cooking series. Stay tuned.

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