Productive things you can do during Covid 19 Lockdown


Covid 19 and its effects

Covid 19 has brought a lot of changes in our lives and hit us real hard. People have suffered a lot, from dealing with the disease to losing lives and even slowing the rat race world. However, let’s try to look at it in a positive way too. It has taught us to be hygienic, value our lives and most importantly giving mother earth a chance to reboot. We really have gone too far and need to slow down a bit. Anyway, no matter what the situation is we will have to deal with it and learn to adapt. Meanwhile, let’s continue with our main purpose that is what kind of productive things you can do during the lockdown. Bring the best out of you


Most of us know some basic cooking just good enough to cook ourselves a decent meal. You are bound to if you are someone who is staying away from your own home. I have been away from home for many years because of my studies and career. This made me learn cooking as food is always a priority. But for a foodie like me, cooking turns out to be therapeutic. There is so much to explore with the food with the varieties of recipes available. And when you are equipped with YouTube, you can always be a chef if not Masterchef. Bake yourself a cake or try making the viral Dalgona coffee For people who have not tried cooking, please do yourself a favour, start cooking. You can surprise your parents, wife or anyone you love with a nice dinner treat.


Keeping yourself active is very important especially during the Covid 19 lockdown as your mobility gets limited. This is the best time to set your fitness goal. Get that bloating body toned, detox your mind and boost that immune system. Boosting your immunity is also essential for fighting Corona. You can do so many activities like yoga, skipping, play any active games or even try some dance moves.

Getting artistic

All of us have grown up with hobbies. Painting, listening to music, dancing, reading or even doing arts and crafts. Some even pursue their interest as their profession. If you are longing to wake up the Picasso in you, now is the time. You have wanted to sing and dance like Michael Jackson now is the time. Grab that guitar or for that matter, any musical instrument you bought but haven’t use for a long time. Play and hum along.  If you want to be a performer, go ahead, TikTok and YouTube are the best platforms. Not only will this improve your artistic skills but it is also a way to entertain yourself.


Growing plants and flowers not only make your home beautiful but also gives a positive vibe. I have grown up helping my father doing kitchen gardening. He made sure we had coriander leaves, spring onions, garlic, chillies, mustard, cabbage growing every season. I know you are already questioning the space. You can still grow a few even if your house is space constraint. Don’t worry if the plant nursery is not open or available. You can grow garlic chives, coriander, spring onions as your vegetable vendor is available. All you can do is simply google how to grow them.

Resetting your house

Is your home stuck with the same decor as last year? Well then reset it. You don’t have to buy any new items for the change, but how? Well, the trick is to simply change the position of your furniture or decor items. It will make your home look refreshing. At the same time, you will be also able to clean the areas where your furniture was kept earlier. You can also do easy and available DIYs to decorate. Don’t miss out to clean and rearrange your wardrobe as well.

Resetting yourself

The last part is about self-realization, having personal space, examining yourself and focussing on your personal development. Take time to check how far you have come or achieved as there’s always a room for improvement. Examine your mistakes so that you don’t repeat it and focus on what you want to do next. Meditate to refresh your mind or say a little prayer and be thankful for what you have now.

Now get yourself pumped up and try at least one or two of them. Let me know in the comment section which one is your favourite. Or share that productive thing you are doing in this lockdown. Until then see you in my next blog. Stay home, stay safe.

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